Featured Courses

The Basics of Hypothyroidism

During this presentation, Robert Morgan will be describing the pathophysiology of hypothyroidism and the problems with using TSH levels to determine if the patient is a good candidate for therapy. 

The Changing Faces of Nursing

Identifying the different non-traditional careers available in the nursing field.  Participants will learn they have alternate options outside of the hospital setting to continue working in the nursing profession.

Testosterone Research

Just like thyroid replacement therapy there is also controversy on administering testosterone for hypogonadism. Here we will review the current literature that supports the benefits & risk of testosterone administration.

The mission of the Continuing Education Program is to provide quality, evidenced-based, continuing education (CME, CNE, and CPE) to a specialty for physicians, nurses and pharmacists and other healthcare providers who are needing continuing education that is convenient in time and easily accessible, and that will improve their current and future practices as well as delegated functions.  FCM both directly provides and jointly provides activities with organizations that qualify and agree to uphold the standards of FCM as set forth by the ACCME, ACPE and ANCC, including those of disclosure and conflict of interest resolution.