Frequently Asked Questions

When signing into the site I enter my email address and password and then click the Sign In button, nothing happens. What am I supposed to do?

The site requires that you allow cookies. To resolve, check your security and/or browser preferences settings to make sure you are allowing cookies. In windows you may have your security settings set too high. If using Safari on an iPad check your Safari preferences they are located within iPad settings under Safari.

How do I view online course materials?

To view program materials you must be registered and logged in. Preview of courses are provided with most course listings and may be viewed by clicking the “Preview” button displayed with each course title.

To access and view the full course materials click the “Select” button displayed with each course title and follow the prompts. Once the online selection routine is completed, links to the course materials are provided from within the “User Records” section of the website.

How do I complete an online exam?

Sign-in or register. To access an online exam you must have selected the course. Once selected a “Take Exam” button will display across from the course title from within the “User Records” section of the website. If viewing the course materials a “Click Here to Take Exam” button is displayed above the course content (Pink Button). Upon selecting either one the online exam will display. Answer all the questions and submit. An immediate grade report will be displayed. Follow the prompts to complete the certification process.

Can I view my online course results?

Yes, each completed examination returns an immediate grade report detailing correct and incorrect answers. A “View Results” button is provided from within the “User Records” section for each completed course.

What happens if I fail an online exam?

The take examination link you selected to complete the initial exam will have changed to “Retake Exam”, Select the link and follow the prompts. A new exam link will be provided from within the “User Records” section. Select the “Take Exam” button to complete the exam again. Exam retakes are limited to 3 per course.

If I completed an online program how do I access my "Certificate of Completion"?

Online programs are graded immediately and upon receiving a passing grade (70% or higher) you are provided with an online “Certificate of Completion” which may be viewed and/or printed by selecting the “Print Certificate” button located across from the course title that has been successfully completed from within the “User Records” page.

How do I change my name on my account?

To change the name on your account you must select the “Request A Name Change” button located within the “User Records” section under  “Update User Information”.

How do I change my login information?

To change login information you must first login to your account. Once logged in, select the “Modify Login” link located from within the “User Records” section.

What are the system requirements for text based courses?

Text based courses are provided in both HTML and PDF formats. HTML formatted content requires no additional hardware or software. PDF format requires that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in software loaded in your system. The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is a FREE download from Adobe Software. PDF formatted course may be viewed online or downloaded to your system for offline review.

What are the system requirements for Audio/Video based courses?

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 or higher, MAC OSX 10.3 or higher, Mac iOS 5.0 or higher (ipad, iphone compatible), Android 4.3 or higher.

General System and Internet Requirements: Speakers or Headphones, High Speed Internet connection, Wireless 3G and 4G
Web browsers: Internet Explorer 7 of higher, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Still need assistance?

 If the information provided does not provide an answer or solution to your situation please contact Customer Services.

email:              Phone: 425-821-3965